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Washington, DC -
While all the other so-called more reliable news services have been busy recounting President Bush's and Senator Kerry's service (or lack thereof) during the Vietnam War, TheRealTruth has been enquiring about where the two leading candidates stand on the real issues in this presidential election. What we found may surprise you and also help you decide how to vote in November!

Both candidates will tough it out in Afghanistan as long as it takes and regardless of the human and financial costs.

Both candidates will tough it out in Iraq as long as it takes and regardless of the costs. However, Senator Kerry will make an agressive effort to get our European and NATO allies involved in maintaining the peace in Iraq. President Bush has mostly failed in similar efforts, but it is thought that the more diplomatic Senator Kerry will have more success.

President Bush has already asked the Pentagon to draft plans for an invasion of Iran. He will invade Iran sometime next year unless the Iranian government immediately abandons its program to develop nuclear weapons.

Senator Kerry favors a diplomatic solution to the issue of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

North Korea
Both candidates favor a negotiated settlement over North Korea's development of nuclear weapons. Both candidates would threaten to give South Korea nuclear weapons if North Korea were to deploy the nuclear weapons it already possesses.

Budget Deficit
Bush wants to limit congressional spending increases on all government programs to 0.5 percent of the budget next year, but defense and homeland security would be exempted from that limit. Bush predicts his measures will cut the budget deficit to $200 billion by the year 2008.

Kerry would limit increases in federal spending to the rate of inflation, but he would exempt defense and homeland security from that limit. In addition, he would repeal the tax cuts for taxpayers making more than $200,000 per year and close various loopholes used to reduce corporate taxes. Kerry predicts his measures will cut the budget deficit to $200 billion next year and lead to a balanced budget by the year 2007.

Jobs Creation
Bush says his tax changes for businesses, such as faster recovery of capital expenses, will help the economy increase its workforce. He also proposes more federal funding for jobs training and vocational schools.

Kerry proposes tax credits for businesses creating manufacturing jobs here at home and those investing in new energy industries and new technologies. He would also hold weekly "job summit" meetings during his first year in the White House to develop a strategy for job growth.

Offshoring Jobs
Bush says he supports open trade worldwide to "encourage foreign companies to locate plants in the United States and hire American workers."

Kerry would repeal several tax laws that encourage U.S. companies to move work abroad. As stated previously, he also proposes tax credits for businesses that create manufacturing jobs here at home.

Health Care Costs
Bush proposes legislation to allow small businesses to join together to purchase health care coverage at lower rates. He would also limit lawsuits against doctors and hospitals to lower the cost of health care.

Kerry proposes legislation to reduce health insurance premiums for workers by about $1000 per year in exchange for government help in paying for certain high cost catastropic claims.

Tax Cuts
Bush wants to make permanent his 2003 temporary tax cuts on income, dividends, and capital gains. He claims this will promote economic growth.

Kerry would repeal Bush's tax cuts for families making more than $200,000 per year and use the money to balance the budget and provide tax credits for health care, child care, and education for middle class families.

Minimum Wage
Bush will study proposals to raise the present minimum wage of $5.15 per hour, but he makes no promises.

Kerry promises to raise the minimum wage to $7 per hour by the year 2007.

Social Security
Bush would allow younger workers to put part of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts in exchange for smaller Social Security benefits when they retire.

Kerry opposes Bush's privatization of Social Security because it will divert funds from the present pay-as-you-go-along Social Security program that is already in trouble.


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