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TheRealTruth was founded by a disgruntled former intelligence agent who became disturbed by the amount of misinformation that is published in the so-called more reputable, so-called more reliable, so-called more respected newspapers every day. Having spent his career in the disinformation business he could easily spot it, and it was everywhere! Some of that misinformation was put out by government agencies, some of it came from politicians with a vested interest, but the vast majority of the misinformation he saw came from dishonest businessmen who had a financial interest in distorting the truth.

Our founder has long since retired from TheRealTruth, but before he did he was joined by an interesting group of friends: a business consultant, a former physicist, a reliability engineer, and an ordinary housewife. Their names must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but the four of us (as we call ourselves) all share the same mission: to learn and tell others the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as clearly and concisely as we can. Most (but not all) of the articles you read in TheRealTruth are researched and written by one or more of the four of us.

A word about the stories we publish: although every effort is made to verify through one or more independent sources the information that is given to us, in many cases that is just not possible. In most cases the truth is on a need to know basis only and it is usually known only to a select few, so we have to rely on the integrity and prior history of the individuals who risk their careers, and even sometimes their lives, to tell us the real truth.

Now a promise to our sources: we will never, not under threat of imprisonment or even death, reveal the names of any of our sources. We make this promise because we recognize that if we do reveal the name of just one source, the flow of information to TheRealTruth will instantly dry up! Please also know that, following the CIA practice, each source is given a code name, and their real names are never spoken, not even in private.

Finally a word to our sponsors: even with discounted telephone service it costs us 5 cents a minute to call long distance within the United States, and all of the four spend several hours a week on the telephone calling not just within the United States, but also overseas, to learn and tell you the truth. Often times, travel is absolutely necessary, and there is also the cost of server space rental and internet site management. Without the help of our generous sponsors the articles published in TheRealTruth would not be possible. So if you value the real truth and can spare a dollar, five dollars, or whatever, please put it in an envelope and send it to the PO box on our home page. The four of us thank you for your continuing moral and financial support.


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