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What Jobs?

Washington, D.C. -
While the so-called more reputable newspapers have been busy reporting the creation of over 1.3 million new jobs during the last 6 months, TheRealTruth has learned what those jobs are and how much they pay. According to a report prepared for the White House by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the large majority of the private sector jobs added to the economy have been in the service sector with average hourly wages that are generally lower than the manufacturing sector where nearly 3 million jobs have been lost over the past 4 years.

According to the Bureau's report, a copy of which was given to TheRealTruth by a source inside the Department of Labor who wants to remain anonymous, of 5.3 million workers studied who had lost their jobs after at least three years with their employer, 67 percent of them found new work at a lower pay and 33 percent suffered wage losses of 20 percent or more. "If that trend continues," the report predicts, "even strong job growth in the coming months may not be able to sustain an economic recovery."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 79 percent of the new jobs formed in the last 6 months were in what it terms "low paying" industries like retailing and hospitality. Only 21 percent of the new jobs were in industries like construction and manufacturing that pay at or above the national average of $15.65 per hour.

It also cites several interesting statistics: The hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues, is the nation's lowest paying sector. It pays an average wage of only $8.86 an hour. The retailing industry, which includes department stores, specialty stores, and grocery stores, pays an average wage of $12.04 per hour. By contrast, the manufacturing sector, which accounts for a majority of the jobs lost over the past 4 years, averages $16.52 per hour; and the construction sector, which is beginning to lose jobs due to rising mortgage interest rates, averages $17.67 per hour.


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