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What Is Task Force 121?

Washington, DC -
While the so-called more reputable news sources are crediting the capture of Saddam Hussein to troops from the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, TheRealTruth has learned that is was a super secret unit called Task Force 121 that directed the effort. TheRealTruth first told you about TF121 when the unit was formed late last year from remnants of the former TF5 in Afganistan and TF20 in Iraq. We also gave you the few sketchy details about it that were given to us at the time (see New Delta Force). We have now learned more details about TF121 and about the questionable techniques it uses.

Task Force 121 is composed of Army, Navy, and Air Force Special Forces, and it has been given the mission to track down and capture or kill Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Mullah Muhammad Omar, and about two dozen other important terrorist leaders. TF121 also has at its disposal CIA paramilitary operatives and DIA resources, including spy satelites, as well as a variety of special operations firepower, including Predator aircraft, Cobra helicopters, C120 gunships, and cruise missiles.

According to a source inside the Pentagon who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, many in the Pentagon fear that the proposed operation — called “preëmptive manhunting” by the Pentagon — could turn into another Phoenix Program. Phoenix was the code name for a counter-insurgency program that the U.S. adopted during the Vietnam War in which Special Forces teams were sent out to capture or assassinate Vietnamese believed to be working with or sympathetic to the VietCong. The Americans relied on information supplied by South Vietnamese Army officers and village chiefs and of course the operation got out of control. According to South Vietnamese statistics, the Phoenix program claimed nearly forty-one thousand victims between 1968 and 1972. U.S. military figures put it at a more conservative twenty thousand. However many of those assassinated had nothing to do with the war but were targeted because of private grievances. William Colby, the CIA officer who took charge of the Phoenix Program in 1968 and who eventually became CIA director, later acknowledged to Congress that “a lot of things were done that should not have been done.”

Most disturbing are TF121's interogation techniques which reportedly violate the Geneva conventions on the conduct of war. These techniques are employed not just on their targets, but also on their family and friends. We are told TF121 gets around the Geneva conventions by "contracting out" the interogations to "foreign experts" who are skilled in the use of psychotic drugs, electroshock therapy, psychological trauma, and other means for the infliction of pain and distress. TF121's official position is that it does not know what techniques its contractors use. It only cares about the results obtained by its contractors and whether that information is reliable.

We have also learned that TF121 is commanded by Air Force Brigadier General Lyle Koenig, an experienced Special Forces helicopter pilot with an outstanding combat record. His task force is authorized to take action throughout the region, if necessary, in pursuit of terrorists. His first mission was to "chase after the deck of cards", especially Saddam Hussein, in Iraq. Now that he has found Saddam and most of the members of the deck of cards, he is going after Osama bin Laden and Mullah Muhammad Omar, in Afghanistan. His task force is also targeting what is known as the AQSL, the Al Qaida Senior Leadership. This is the Afghanistan equivalent of the deck of cards in Iraq.


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