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Albuquerque, NM-
The so-called more reputable press dismissed them as just flares dropped by the national guard over a bombing practice range 150 miles southwest of Phoenix, AZ. Never mind that thousands of residents in Phoenix saw them floating directly overhead and traveling from the northwest to the southeast!

What transpired the evening of March 13, 1997 has still not been explained to the satisfaction of those who witnessed it, and it remains one of the largest cases of unexplaned UFOs (unidentified flying objects) in America. In case you have forgotten the incident, it was a formation of seven lights in a flattened V shaped formation that floated over the Phoenix sky from about 8 to 9PM. At least one observer videotaped them, and that videotape was shown on national television. The same formation had been reported earlier that evening over Prescott, AZ and was reported later that night over Tucson, AZ. Now TheRealTruth has obtained new information that could at last explain that incident.

According to a source inside the Sandia National Laboratories who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, Sandia Labs has been experimenting with a holographic projection system that bears an uncanny resemblance to the lights videotaped over Phoenix. Reportedly that system can project a holographic image of a plane or a ship visible over a 120 degree viewing angle. It is intended to project a life-like image that will draw hostile fire towards a non-existent target.

The system consists of 3 to 9 projection stations arranged in a flattened V shaped pattern. In at least one implementation the projection stations are suspended below weather balloons tethered together with lightweight carbon fiber rods to maintain the 120 degree V shape needed for successful projection over a 120 degree viewing angle. In this implementation it can trail a 50 meter long lightweight mylar sheet that is semi-transparent and serves as a projection screen. However clouds, mountains, and even the ocean can also be used as projection screens.

Our source is not able to confirm that this system was tested over Arizona in March of 1997, but he/she says it could have been. Although the system is designed to operate in total darkness except for the laser projectors, our source speculates that lights may have been added to the weather balloons to prevent collisions with commercial aircraft.


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