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One if by Land and Two if by AIR !

Washington, DC -
It has been widely reported by several so-called reputable news agencies that the refusal of the Turkish Parliament to allow Allied troops on Turkish soil has thrown Allied war plans into disarray and delayed the invasion of Iraq. However, TheRealTruth has learned that this is all just an elaborate ruse. A land invasion from Turkey or Kuwait was never part of the Allied war plans. Instead what will transpire is an aerial invasion on a scale never before seen.

According to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the invasion of Iraq will proceed as follows: On a moonless night, possibly as early as April 1st, the next new moon, elements of the 101st Airborne will parachute down around an unidentified airfield to the south of Baghdad. They will quickly neutralize any Iraqi forces that might be in the area and silence any means of communications.

Even before the fighting is over but after the runways have been secured, the Strategic Air Command will begin air lifting in reinforcements armed with a new light tank specially designed for this type of warfare. These tanks would be no match for the more heavily armed tanks of the Iraqi Republican Guard, but the Allies will rely on Apache helicopters, Warthog anti-tank aircraft, and TOW shoulder fired missiles to vaporize any heavy armor that might threaten these light tanks.

By sunrise there will be over 10,000 Allied troops and 500 tanks and armored personnel carriers in control of the airbase. Reinforcements will continue landing at the rate of over 20,000 troops and 1,000 vehicles per day for at least a week.

While with these troop landings are occurring, the Air Force and Navy will launch an aerial assault on a scale grander than any seen during the first Gulf War. Initially they will target Iraqi air defense, radar, communications, and command installations, but eventually they will focus on the tanks and troops of the Republican Guard and any regular Iraqi Army units that might remain with them. It is of course assumed that most of the regular Iraqi Army will surrender as they did during the first Gulf War.

Long before the Allied buildup reaches its peak of about 150,000 troops and 7,500 tanks and armored personnel carriers, the Allies will begin moving north to surround Baghdad and hopefully trap most of the Iraqi leadership and perhaps even Saddam Hussein himself in the Iraqi capital. What will follow, when all these forces are in place, will not be a siege of the Baghdad, as some other so-called reliable news agencies have suggested, but rather a fierce, rapid occupation of the entire capital in less than a day. This may be followed by several more days of mopping up pockets of resistance, but the Allies believe the war will be over in less than two weeks.


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