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Stealth Helicopter!

Phoenix, AZ-
It has been totally ignored by the so-called more reputable press. Even the local television stations have completely ignored it. Indeed, only a few local radio stations have reported the frantic phone calls. However, TheRealTruth has received almost two dozen reports in the last month of unidentified flying objects seen floating silently over the desert east of Phoenix, AZ. We decided to investigate, and what we found may surprize you: the Boeing Corporation in partnership with MD Helicopters located near Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ has developed a stealth helicopter and has started testing it late at night over the Arizona desert.

According to sources within Boeing who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the revolutionary new helicopter has a stealth technology (radar absorbing) sheath over its rotor that almost completely surrounds it in order to shield it from radar. It also uses NOTAR technology (an air nozzle instead of a tail propeller) to provide rotational stability. The crew cabin is suspended beneath the rotor and nearly blends with the sheath making a disk shaped object unlike any helicopter ever seen before. In fact, it looks very much like the flying saucers of which we have all seen pictures. According to our sources, the new helicopter makes only a slight hum while in flight. No wonder all the frantic phone calls!


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