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Denver, CO -
The so-called more reliable press is only now beginning to report the onset of global warming. Nearly a year ago TheRealTruth revealed the results of a still unpublished United Nations report that concluded "global warming can now be considered an established fact" (see article entitled On Global Warming). Now, in a follow-up study, the American National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) concludes that soot is the major cause of global warming.

A copy of the unpublished report was obtained by TheRealTruth from a source inside the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC) who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. It concludes that soot found on snow and ice worldwide prevents it from reflecting sunlight. A visually imperceptible coat of soot is sufficient to reduce the reflectivity of ice by up to 25 percent. Just perceptible layers of soot will reduce the reflectivity by up to 50 percent, and thick layers of soot will reduce the reflectivity to nearly zero. When sunlight is not reflected by snow and ice, it gets absorbed by the snow and ice, and that raises the temperature of the ice pack and thus the earth.

Visually perceptible layers of soot, of course, were found on snow and ice in all the countries of the world where snow and ice are present. However, NASA now reports that very sensitive gas spectrometers have detected thin layers of soot on snow and ice samples from both the Arctic and Antarctic polar caps.

In industrialized countries NASA has traced the major source of soot to diesel engines used in large trucks, electrical power generators, and elsewhere. Gasoline and other engines reportedly produce much less soot. The NASA report, however, stops short of calling for a reduction in the pollution produced by diesel engines.

Burning wood and oil also produces soot, and these sources of fuel are widely used in the less developed regions of the world. However, there are no other options but to continue using wood and oil for cooking and heating in the less industrialized countries of the world. So it would appear the responsibility falls on the industrialized countries to reduce the amount of soot produced by diesel engines in order to significantly reduce the amount of soot produced by man worldwide.


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