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Sneak Attack!

New York, NY -
While the more reliable press has been concentrating on preparations for a massive invasion of Iraq, TheRealTruth has learned that this invasion will be mostly a diversionary action. The real assault on Saddam Hussein's regime will be by Special Operations units that secretly infiltated Baghdad weeks ago. Their mission was to locate and track senior members of the Iraqi leadership, including Saddam Hussein himself, and to eliminate them during the opening moments of the conflict.

The members of these Special Operations units were selected for their swarthy appearance so they could blend in with the local Iraqi population. They are fluent in the language and were dressed in traditional Iraqi garb. Their only weapons are laser pointers with which to guide laser guided bombs to the intended targets.

According to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, these Special Operations units were dropped into the countryside surrounding the Iraqi capital weeks ago and allowed sufficient time to individually infiltrate into Baghdad, link up, and set up their operations. These units are reportedly now in place and waiting only for the start of hostilities.


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