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New York, NY -
The President of the United States has been criticized by other news agencies, both here and abroad, for his steadfast determination to invade Iraq regardless of the advice of others or even the entire world community. Some have suggested that he is motivated by revenge for Saddam Hussein's attempt on his father's life while he was visiting Israel after he left office. Others have asserted that he is just trying to divert attention from the nation's growing unemployment and dire economic problems. Still others have suggested that his real motivation is a desire to drive up the price of West Texas crude oil in which he and his entire family have a large vested interest. However, TheRealTruth has learned that the President is really being motivated by the contents of a secret CIA report brought to his attention last Fall.

According to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the CIA report concluded that Iraq was "only 6 months away" from detonating an atomic bomb. The report has not been made public because it would compromise the safety of the CIA's source inside Iraq's nuclear weapons program and could also cause mass hysteria here at home and abroad.

The details are sketchy, but it appears the program utilizes uranium by-products from the manufacture of fuel rods. These materials were secretly obtained from some unkown country, possibly Russia, and smuggled into Iraq last summer. Apparently Iraq has developed a process for the enrichment of the uranium by-products into materials suitable for fabricating an atomic bomb similar to the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki nearly 60 years ago.

Given Saddam Hussein's prior history of testing his new weapons on human targets, the President is unwilling to wait until Iraq produces a bomb. Although such a bomb would weigh tons and could not easily be transported, the use of such a bomb against an American city is not beyond the realm of possibility, but a major Israeli city is the most likely target. The bomb could be transported by a container ship or carried by a disguised airliner. The actual delivery plans are not yet known to the CIA.

Even though the United Nation's weapons inspectors have hampered the program and may have actually slowed its progress, the CIA says Iraq has not stopped working on the project. Some of the President's own advisors have suggested that the program has been secretly moved into Syria or Iran to keep it out of the way of the weapons inspectors, but the CIA says it is still in Iraq, possibly in the tunnels and bunkers under one of Saddam Hussein's numerous palaces. Thus the President feels he has to act, and do it very soon.


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