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An Open Letter to Mr. Ralph Nader

Dear Mr. Nader,

I have always been a supporter of you and your proposals, particularly on environmental issues. I truly believe that you are the only candidate who represents the common folk and their interests. However, with only one week to go, you need to acknowledge the very slim possibility that you can win the presidency. I deathly fear the possibility of another Bush term and of the invasion of Iran that will surely follow, not to mention the further attacks on our environment.

For the love of God, I urge you to make the best of your position, withdraw from the race, and throw your support behind the only person that can stop Bush. If you do that I believe you can make a difference and do yourself and our environmental causes more good than a stubborn fight to the finish. Surely Kerry will acknowledge your help and lend a sympathetic ear to at least some of the causes we hold dear.

Joseph L.
Phoenix, AZ

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