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Al-Qaida in Iraq!

New York, NY -
While the so-called more reliable press merely reported the terrible toll in the recent United Nations Embassy bombing in Baghdad, TheRealTruth concentrated on finding out who was responsible for that blast and the series of subsequent bomb attacks, including the bomb attack on the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf. What we have found probably will not surprise you: there is now evidence that it was an organization linked to al-Qaida that planned and executed both the embassy and the mosque attacks.

FBI investigators brought in to investigate the Baghdad attack had initially explored the possible role played by the United Nations' own security guards. They were selected by Saddam Hussein's regime before the war and had reported to Saddam on the movements of the U.N. weapons inspectors at the Canal Hotel compound. Nonetheless the United Nations had continued to employ those same guards after the war ended.

The FBI also investigated the possibility that other foreign fighters who entered the country from Syria and Iran may have been responsible. One group in particular that calls itself the "Armed Vanguards of a Second Muhammed Army" claimed responsibility for the embassy attack on the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya satellite channel. However, the FBI eventually concluded that none of those groups had the sophistication required to mount such an attack.

According to a source working with the FBI in Iraq who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, British intelligence has now obtained information that the al-Qaida-linked group Ansar al-Islam, which had a base in northern Iraq before the war, has established at least one terrorist cell in Baghdad and that that cell was responsible for the embassy attack. Our source also says that other Ansar al-Islam cells have been established in several other major Iraqi cities, and that the one is Najaf was responsible for the mosque attack in that city. This information reportedly came from a trusted informant who has infiltrated the Ansar al-Islam organization.

Partially confirming that claim, the FBI reported last week that the bombs used in the Baghdad embassy and the Najaf mosque bombings were identical in design and composition and that both had a sequenced triggering mechanism that made the blasts much more effective. Moreover, a recently captured Iraqi member of Ansar al-Islam had made a similar boast to American intelligence agents two weeks ago regarding the Baghdad embassy bombing.


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