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It's Not Marijuana!

San Francisco, CA -
While the so-called more reputable press continues to report on the efforts to legalize marijuana in several Western states, TheRealTruth has learned about another drug, even more potent than marijuana, and it is perfectly legal! According to a source inside the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who wishes to remain anonymous, Salvia Divinorum looks just like marijuana but produces a more potent and hallucinogenic high than marijuana.

Accoding to our source in the DEA, there is very little known about Salvia except that the drug is a hallucinogenic substance. Despite suggestions that it is harmful and dangerous, over ten years after hitting the marketplace it is still readily available. The main reason is because it is still perfectly legal! Why is it still legal? "Because it's chemical makeup is unlike anything that's ever been regulated before", answers our DEA source.

"The assumption seems to be that if I or anybody else in the DEA thinks this substance is dangerous, that we can just make it illegal." That is not the case. "It's a very difficult and time consuming process to get a drug on the schedule of regulated substances" and thus make it illegal. There is an effort underway within the DEA to make Salvia illegal, but no one can predict whether that effort will succeed or when it will happen.

In the meantime, so-called "head shops" in all the Western states continue to profit from selling it, and users continue to boast of its mind altering experience. "It's very important that no one under 18, maybe even 21, be able to get it, because you have to be very responsible when using it", says our DEA source. "It's not something that should be used irresponsibly!" Our source hopes that by revealing this information to us it will educate parents of children under 18 and deter those over 18 from using it.


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