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New York, NY -
While the so-called more reliable press has been busy reporting on the recent rise in gasoline prices, TheRealTruth has learned about a more sinister threat posed by the dwindling supplies of oil. According to a secret report from the International Conference on Oil Depletion (ICOD), the world will totally exhaust its supply of oil in the next 25 to 50 years, and the consequences may include mass starvation and global warfare!

A copy of the still secret report was given to TheRealTruth by a source inside the UN Environmental Agency who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. It was produced jointly for the United Nations by the European Association for the Study of Peak Oil, the Institut Francais du Petrole in Paris, and the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre in London.

According to this study, world oil production will peak during the first decade of the 21st century, if it has not already peaked, due to the decreasing supply of oil. Meanwhile the world's appetite for oil continues to grow at 10 to 20 percent per year. The coming oil shortages, the study says, could touch off famine and warfare as the world's nations compete for the diminishing oil supplies. "The time has come for a rational response to the inescapable reality that oil is finite and available supplies will soon be insufficient to satisfy growing demand," the report concludes.

Oil is vital to the modern world. It is used to produce goods, including agricultural crops as well as manufactured goods, and to transport those goods to their markets around the world. An interruption in the supply of oil, although it would help the environment, would also have an enormous negative impact on the economic prosperity of the world and cause serious shortages of food and other commodities essential to sustain life.

The study predicts this situation can only result in one of three possible scenarios: (1) the oil producing countries sell their oil to the highest bidders touching off recessions and famines in the countries less able to pay; (2) the world's military powers seize control of the oil supplies and fight each other in global warfare over the dwindling supplies, or (3) the importers of oil agree to curb their imports to match the global depletion rate and strive to find alternative sources of energy to make up the difference. The Conference unanimously recommended that the third option be vigorously promoted by the United Nations.


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