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New Delta Force Formed

San Francisco -
As usual, the so-called more reputable press is off chasing rumors of sightings of Ossama bin Laden. Meanwhile TheRealTruth has learned that the Pentagon has formed a new super secret force to track down Ossama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and about two dozen other key terrorists on the Pentagon's most wanted list. According to a source inside the Allied command in Iraq who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the new delta force is designated Task Force 121. It was formed in part from remnants of the former Task Force 5 in Afganistan and Task Force 20 in Iraq.

The mission of Task Force 121 is to apprehend, interrogate, and incarcerate designated top terrorists, including Ossama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. However, it is also authorized to assassinate its targets if capture is not possible and the targets are about to get away. It will operate throughout the Middle East and is not restricted to operate only within the borders of Afganistan or Iraq as were the former Task Force 5 and Task Force 20, respectively.

The Pentagon hopes that by focussing intelligence gathering, analysis of intelligence, rapid mobility, and special firepower all within one field unit, the task force will be able to more quickly react to intelligence tips or opportunities presented by the targets. Reportedly the Task Force 121's arsenal includes spy satelites, cruise missiles, Predator aircraft, and Cobra helicopters, as well as the usual special operations paraphernalia. All this was placed under the command of a single Air Force brigadier general whose name was not disclosed.


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