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San Francisco, CA -
While the so-called more reliable press is recounting again and again the fortunate capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein by the newly formed Task Force 121, TheRealTruth has acquired information about the ones that have gotten away. According to a source inside the Allied command in Iraq who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, coalition forces have "several times" come close to catching both al-Qaida leader Ossama bin Laden and ousted Talliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, but they slipped away.

According to our source, as recently as last month bin Laden had a close call when a U.S. warplane passed overhead as he and his large entourage of body guards walked down a mountain trail on the Afghan side of the Pakistan border. However, the American pilot failed to see them and bin Laden and his men quickly ducked into the bushes. That intelligence was obtained by the American CIA from a captured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan.

American soldiers also missed an even better chance to capture Omar at a mosque in Uruzgan province as recently as two months ago. According to our source, the Taliban leader and his entourage had stopped at the mosque for afternoon prayers when several Humvees and pick up trucks carrying American and Afghan soldiers pulled into the town and started searching it. The Afghan soldiers even entered the mosque, but Mullah Omar kept calm, and the Afghan soldiers failed to recognize the one-eyed cleric. That information was obtained by the American CIA from another captured Taliban fighter.

Even more perplexing is the revelation by the Allied command in Iraq that American troops had searched the farm house where Saddam Hussein was eventually found at least twice before. According to our source, they would have missed him again if an informant had not told them to look for an underground bunker.


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