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Missiles Missing in Iraq!

San Francisco, CA -
While the so-called more reliable press merely continues to focus on the loss of soldiers in Iraq, TheRealTruth has learned about a more sinister threat that could cause the loss of hundreds of civilians. According to sources within the Allied command in Iraq who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, there are scores of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles that are still unaccounted for in Iraq.

Saddam Husseinís regime is known to have purchased at least 500 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles from the Soviet Union in the years before the first Iraqi war, and so far, less than 350 of those missiles have been accounted for. That number includes 317 delivered to the U.S. military in exchange for $500 rewards offered for each of them, twenty-nine found by the Allied military in hidden arms caches, and three fired at U.S. military aircraft near the Baghdad airport in recent months.

The United States has refused to open Baghdad International Airport to commercial flights in part because of this large number of anti-aircraft missiles from Saddam Hussein's arsenal that are still missing. Unlike military aircraft, civilian aircraft do not have the means to detect and evade missiles fired at them. That raises the fear that a commercial airline will be downed by one of these shoulder-fired missiles once the Baghdad airport is reopened.

Nevertheless, there is growing pressure from the United Nations and several countries to reopen that airport in order to allow freer access by reporters, relief workers, and diplomats to Iraq. In order to help win approval by the Security Council for the use of U.N. troops to replace some U.S. troops in Iraq, it now appears that the United States will have to agree to reopen the Baghdad airport by the end of this month.


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