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Saddam’s Hideaway!

San Francisco, CA-
While the so-called more reliable press has been busy printing sensational sightings of Saddam Hussein and his two sons driving around the western Iraqi countryside at night, TheRealTruth has learned that British intelligence believes Saddam and his sons are still in Baghdad. They believe that Saddam and his sons are hiding in one of the secret underground bunkers that Saddam built between the two Iraqi wars. Moreover they believe that Saddam has enough food and water to last at least a year, perhaps even longer. They also believe that his plan is to wait out the Allied occupation and then emerge to reclaim power.

According to sources within the British Admiralty who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, British intelligence had already previously concluded that Saddam Hussein was still alive. That evidence came from several sources, not just the well publicized audio recording by Saddam released last week that was reportedly positively identified by the American CIA as Saddam's voice.

Various possible scenarios have been explored, including Saddam fleeing into remote parts of the western Iraqi desert where he might never be found, hiding in his hometown of Tikrit where he still has many loyal supporters, or escaping to a friendly country such as Syria or Libya. However British intelligence has concluded that the likeliest scenario is that Saddam simply retreated into one of his secret bunkers underneath Baghdad as the Americans captured the city. They believe he has remained there for three months, not emerging even briefly for fear of being recognized and captured. They also believe that he will not come out from his hiding place until the Allies leave Iraq.


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