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Washington, DC -
While the so-called more reliable press continues to report on the winding down of the war in Iraq over and over and over again, TheRealTruth has learned the shape of things to come.

According to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the new Iraqi government will be patterned after that of the post World War II occupation of Japan. Among other things, that means that a United States general will be the occupation "governor" of Iraq at least until elections are held, reportedly in the spring of 2005 at the very earliest.

If the Japanese experience under general Douglas McArthur is the model, the present mostly Sunni civil servants will continue to dominate the government for at least the next two years. Although the United States will attempt to set up an Advisory Council with representatives from all of Iraq's numerous factions, as was done in Japan, how the Iraqis react to a government mostly no different from that under their previous leader is yet to be seen

To a large extent the course of the post Iraqi war occupation will be determined by how the Shiite majority, roughly 2/3 of Iraq's 22 million population, reacts to the new government. They could acquiesce as they did before this Gulf war, or they could rebel as they did after the last Gulf war.

Another uncertainty is the response of the over 3 million Kurds in northern Iraq who have enjoyed relative autonomy during the past 10 years. It is feared they could rise up and attempt to set up their own independent country.

The only real certainty is that the United States will have to maintain a large military presence in Iraq for at least the next two years.


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