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Global Trends 2015

Washington, DC -
While all the so-called more reputable news sources continue to harp on the failings of the CIA prior to the invasion of Iraq, TheRealTruth has learned what the CIA believes the future holds for the world. A copy of a confidential internal memo entitled "Global Trends 2015" was given to us by a source inside the CIA who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. It outlines possible scenarios for the future reminiscent of the Peak Oil Conference in Europe last year (see article entitled "No Gas!").

According to the memo, one of four alternative scenarios will manifest itself by 2015:
1. Cooperative Globalization: A benevolent circle develops among technology, economic growth, demographic factors, and effective government, which enables a majority of the world's people to benefit from globalization. The whole world sees peace and prosperity.

2. Selective Globalization: The globalized communities thrive, but the majority of the world's population fails to benefit from globalization. Population growth and scarce resources place heavy burdens on the developing countries, and migration becomes a major source of international tension. The world becomes polarized between the Haves and the Have-Nots.

3. Inter-regional Competition: Regional identities sharpen in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, driven by growing political resistance in Europe and Asia to American global preponderance, US-driven globalization, and each region's growing preoccupation with its own economic and political priorities. There may be some military skirmishes with our former allies.

4. Polarized World: American preoccupation with domestic issues increases as the US economy slows and stagnates. Economic and political tensions with Europe grow, the US-European and US-Asian alliances deteriorate as the United States withdraws its troops, and Europe and Asia turn inward, relying on their own regional resources and institutions. Europe, Asia, and America simply ignore each others existence.


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