Our Friends and Allies

Some additional sites where the Truth may be found:

1. Revelations: What Really Happened - This website is anti-war and anti-lie! Its purpose is to expose deceptions by governments and the media to trick the public into wars and out of their money. Please share with others what you learn here!

2. Repository: The Memory Hole - rescuing knowledge, freeing information! The Memory Hole exists to preserve and spread material that is in danger of being lost, is hard to find, or is not widely known. The emphasis is on material that exposes things that we're not supposed to know or that we're supposed to forget.

3. Cafe-Library: Conspiracy Cafe - ancient earth mysteries, remote viewing, psyops, crop circles, UFO sightings, alien abductions, ghosts, mothmen, and government conspiracies! Read about them all over coffee and dessert with your hostess Erica.

4. Talk Radio: The Joseph Anthony TALK RADIO Show - the internet's #1 Talk Radio! It's the ultimate truth detector as seen on Fox News, MSNBC and Access Hollywood. Click here to hear and learn a plethora about the world you live in.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed by our Friends and Allies
are their own and do not necessarily represent those of The Real Truth .

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