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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you publish stories in TheRealTruth so infrequently?

It often takes months of painstaking research, investigation, and negotiation to bring forth the truth. First, you need to have an inkling that there is a story to be told. Occasionally that comes from an individual who wants to get something off his chest, but more often it comes from someone who merely suspects that a secret exists. Next, you need to carefully research the organization involved, investigate who the individuals are who might possess the truth, and evaluate whether they would be willing to divulge it to us.

Then, we need to, well, "court" the individuals involved, much like you would a girlfriend. We buy them lunch or dinner, meet them for drinks, get to know them and let them get to know us, and attempt to build mutual trust and respect. This is a crucial step. Only if we trust our source will we publish the story, and only if they trust us will they tell it to us. If we succeed in building trust and respect, we proceed to tell them who we represent and what TheRealTruth is all about. Then we tell them that we know they are in possession of information that we believe they would feel better about if they were to get it off their chest. Sometimes the story comes out then and there, but more often it takes many more weeks of meetings and discussions before they agree to tell us their story.

The four of us are constantly pursuing such leads, typically between about three and six simultaneously. Although each of us strives to publish one new story per month, often times that is not possible. So on a good month we publish four new stories; on a bad month you see no new stories; and on an average month you see one or two new stories.

Do you pay your sources for telling you the truth?

No. There are many reasons for this: First, there are serious legal and ethical problems with paying someone for information. Second, any kind of payment invites fraud and untruth. Third, our shoestring budget at TheRealTruth does not allow for the sums of money that would be required to buy the truth.

Moreover, all of us here feel that the truth should be something that people are compelled from within to tell to others, especially if their careers or their lives might be jeopardized by revealing it. The truth should be something people need to get off their chests for the sake of their own peace of mind. As an aside, this is an argument we often make to potential sources, and one that works remarkably well. The truth seems to be something of a burden to most people.

Do the four of you write all the stories we see in TheRealTruth?

Most, but not all, of the stories published in TheRealTruth are researched and written by one or more of the four of us. Sometimes we get a story submitted by one of our readers, sometimes from an anonymous source, which we research to determine its authenticity and then publish with only minor editting. You might be interested to learn that three of the four of us first became involved with TheRealTruth in this manner.

If you wish to submit a story of this nature, email it to The minimum information we require is your email address, but we would also like a phone number where we could contact you for clarification or additional information. Be assured that we keep this information secret, and we use a code name to refer to you.


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