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A Draft is Blowing!

Washington, DC -
While the so-called more reliable press has been busy reporting on Operation Stop Loss over and over and over again, TheRealTruth has learned what the Pentagon's next move will be to stop the shrinking of the US Armed Forces. Reportedly the Pentagon has drafted a Presidential Order that would reinstate the military draft!

TheRealTruth is told the Pentagon plans to withhold this Order and not present it to the President for his signature until after the November election in order to avoid injecting this issue into the election. We are also told the Order will be presented to the President for his signature regardless of whether George Bush wins or loses the election.

A copy of the draft Presidential Order was given to TheRealTruth by a source inside the Pentagon who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The Order is interesting in that it reduces the maximum draft age to 23. Previously men could be drafted up to the age of 27. The Order is also interesting in that it applies the draft equally to both men and women. Previously the draft applied only to men.

As before, the military draft will be administered by about 250 local draft boards, and their decisions can be appealed to about 50 appeals boards. The Order authorizes the staffing of about 10,000 local draft board positions and about 2,000 appeals board posts by the end of March, 2005. The first draftees would be processed by the end of June, 2005.


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