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New York, NY -
The capture of Kahlid Shaihk Mohammed, the al Quida chief of staff, has already been widely reported by several other news agencies. However, what has not been reported anywhere else is the circumstances under which the capture was made. TheRealTruth has learned that, contrary to the "lucky circumstances" reported by other so-called reputable news agencies, it was an Iraqi double agent under contract to the CIA that lead authorities to the al Quida leader, and that the real target of the scheme was the capture of non other than Ossama bin Laden himself. However, bin Laden sent his second in command instead, and the CIA had to settle for Mohammed.

According to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the unnamed Iraqi double agent was a high ranking official in Iraqi intelligence. However, he had been secretly working for the CIA for over two years. The CIA had recruited him when he began to fear for his own safety following a purge of Iraqi intelligence by Saddam Hussein's eldest son. The bait put out for bin Laden was an offer to trade chemical and biological weapons that might otherwise fall into the hands of the United Nations in exchange for help in defending Iraq from the pending Allied invasion.

The Iraqi agent was a career intelligence officer and also a member of the Saddam Hussein's Baath party. He had had official contacts with al Quida before in the course of his duties as an Iraqi agent. Al Quida had no reason to believe that he might be an agent under contract to the CIA.

Under secret directions from the CIA the Iraqi agent insisted that he was carrying a personal letter from Saddam Hussein for Ossama bin Laden and that he could negotiate only with bin Laden himself. The reward for his services: $25 million in US currency and assylum in an unnamed country.

The offer seemed genuine, especially coming from a known Iraqi agent, and the lure of chemical and biological weapons proved too much for the usually cautious bin Laden. However, bin Laden was unable to meet with the Iraqi agent himself, reportedly because he is still recuperating from injuries inflicted on him during the Allied assault on his mountain stronghold in Tora Bora in southern Afganistan. Instead, he sent his right hand man with a personal letter giving the Sheikh power to negotiate any and all deals on his behalf.


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