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Some Dissenting Views

Out of respect and reverence for the Truth, we are compelled to
publish all dissenting views and opinions received from our readers:

Mr. Editor,
How can you publish a web page as you do and claim to print the truth
when you don't even verify the facts with which you are presented? I am
sure that if the editors at the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post
were to print articles in their respective newspapers without reviewing
the facts, that they would surely go out of business or end up with a
reputation of the World News Weekly. And yes I am aware that from
time to time they do print an article that isn't quite accurate. -mightyssg

WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!! Come on, really now, do you have high
school students on the Yearbook squad writing this shit?? Every article
starts with the same shit "While other more reliable sources have been
reporting...blah blah blah..." Every end of an article ends with
"sources that must remains anonymous for obvious reasons..." -acezx7

I laughed at everyone of your articles. The real truth? Sounds like
rubbish to me. Nothing factual at all in your reporting. -jpn7470

Sorry kid,
but the site you linked is total sensationalist bullshit. It's one big
opinion piece with no sources cited, no background info, NO PROOF.
Do a bit of homework and get back to us. Good luck. -anon-35640845

If you want the truth, then avoid this site.
Left-wing environmental wacko site. -nochance

There is so much crap on this site that lacks any evidence. They make out
landish assertions without providing any evidence. But hey, there are people
like yourself that will believe anything as long as it sounds good. -johnflorez

These are NOT the views and opinions of THE REAL TRUTH !

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