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New Missile Deployment!

Washington, DC -
While the so-called more reputable press has been looking the other way, TheRealTruth has learned that Russia has resumed deploying the Topol-M, its top rated strategic nuclear missile. According to sources within the American intelligence community who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the Russians had stopped deploying the Topol-M three years ago, presumably due to budgetary problems.

Known as the SS-27 in the West, the Topol-M is roughly equivalent to the American Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile, the top rated strategic nuclear missile in the American arsenel. Like the Minuteman III it is capable of delivering a 20 to 60 megaton yield nuclear weapon within less than 100 feet of its target anywhere on the earth.

Reportedly the new batch of Topol-M missiles were personally delivered by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov earlier this month to the Tatishchevo missile base in the central Saratov region. He reportedly also gave an inauguration speech that called for building even more potent missiles.

It is not clear to the Americans why the Russians have resumed deploying the Topol-M now because Russia's budgetary problems have not been solved. The American CIA reportedly believes that, rather than a response to any specific threat, the move is intended to bolster Russia's self image at a time when its influence in the rest of the world seems to be deminishing.


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