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Dear Editor:
Many in Europe and elsewhere are wondering how it is possible for Bush supporters to continue to ignore the avalanche of information exposing the behavior of the Bush Administration. This article by Paul Levy goes a long ways towards explaining this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon. It is a must read! Please post and/or pass it on to whoever may be interested. Thanks. -John Hubbird

"The evidence of Bush and Company's duplicity is beyond overwhelming and it is literally everywhere, staring us in the face. Why are so many people looking away and not noticing? I find myself no longer interested in trying to convince anyone of it. What I find more fruitful is to understand why people who support Bush are both unwilling and seemingly unable to see what is playing out through him. People who follow Bush are in denial about something that to the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world could not be more obvious.

"There is a psychic epidemic manifested in America right now, and millions of people in its populace have fallen prey to it. There is no sense pretending otherwise. It is of the most profound importance that we notice and understand the psychological nature of the collective malady that they, as a people, are suffering from. Understanding the psychological nature of our illness gives us insight into how to treat it.

"It is not a matter of preaching the light to them, for they are unable to see, as if they are blind. Rather it is a question of teaching people the art of seeing. In order to teach people how to see the evil that is playing itself out through Bush and Company, we must come to terms with the darkness inside of ourselves that Bush is a reflection of. This involves seeing the fascist in ourselves. This is where we see our potential for being, unwittingly or otherwise, an instrument of evil ourselves, based on our own capacity for self-deception, our own greed, our own lust for power, our own fear, anger and hatred, our own delusion, ignorance and unconsciousness. For archetypal evil is a power, or a principality that exists within God's totality, which is to say, ourselves. Archetypal evil is something we are all capable of. It is an awe-full, shocking and humbling experience to look into the dark side of our nature, to see the monstrousness of our totality, to see what we are capable of. In other words, in order to teach people how to see we must be able to see ourselves.

"It is shattering to see through our illusions and realize that people are not who we thought they were, that the world is not how we imagined it to be. It is shattering to realize that Bush and his regime, who are supposed to be serving and protecting us, are on the contrary the channel or conduit through which evil is incarnating in this world of ours. It is a shattering experience to see through our projections and realize that not only does our leader not have our best interest in mind, but that he is actually a traitor. It is shattering to see how any of us could be so asleep so as fall for the posturing of such a man. And it is utterly shattering to realize that we are all complicit in the evil that is playing itself out through him by us allowing it to happen!

"To name evil when we see it is to de-potentiate it, this is the power of the word, the logos. The truth will set us free. When we no longer look away from evil and "split", but look into the mirror and see our darkest shadow as reflected through Bush, we know its name. When we know a demon's name, it no longer has power over us. W, as in George W. Bush, stands for "Wolf in sheep's clothing". This fact is indisputable, we either see it or we deny it and look away. If we see it, we are part of the solution. If we look away, we are actually colluding with and becoming seduced by the evil, which we are feeding by our denial. We are then lying to ourselves and believing our own lies, which is to have hypnotized ourselves into being asleep.

"All we have to do to see is to open our eyes and look! Simply recognize what is in fact actually happening! What a radical idea!" -Paul Levy (

These are the remarkably candid and shocking opinions of Paul Levy !

Editor's Note: TRT would have included many others in our government, both Democrats and Republicans.

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