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Houston, TX -
While the so-called more reliable press has been spending all its time reporting the same old stories over and over and over again regarding the breakup of the shuttle Columbia during re-entry, TheRealTruth has learned that NASA has credible evidence that Columbia may have collided with another object high over California at the start of its re-entry.

Although NORAD's radars and NASA's own tracking radars showed nothing, videotape taken by a California news station of Columbia's re-entry seems to show the shuttle colliding with an unidentified object traveling on a parallel course. The unidentified object then falls to earth at a very steep angle. Reportedly, that is why NASA has been scouring the deserts of Utah and Nevada looking for debris.

In addition to the California videotape, according to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the Columbia's crew also reported seeing, but not the collision with, that object to NASA in Houston. The crew of Columbia was apparently unaware of the collision. If our information is correct, that discussion was edited out of the transcripts provided to the media earlier this month of conversations between Columbia and Houston before and during the shuttle's re-entry.

Moreover, NASA also has pieces of videotape recovered from the space shuttle that reportedly shows an unidentified round object flying outside the shuttle's viewing port just prior to re-entry. That was apparently edited out of pieces of the videotape that were shown to the media earlier this month.


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