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The Bottomless Pit

Washington, DC -
While the so-called more reputable news agencies have been busy recounting stories of abuse by US soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, TheRealTruth has learned about an even more abusive US-run prison in Afghanistan. The CIA's secret interrogation center in Kabul, called by both guards and inmates "The Bottomless Pit", reportedly goes far beyond photographing its prisoners in compromising and degrading positions.

According to a source inside the Allied command in Iraq who wishes to remain annonymous for obvious reasons, "The Pit makes Abu Ghraib seem like a resort!" The interrogators at that CIA-run facility reportedly utilize psychotic drugs, electroshock therapy, sleep deprivation, psychological trauma, and "numerous other means for the infliction of pain and distress" during their interrogations.

These practices are obviously in violation of the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war. The CIA circumvents this by saying it contracts out the interrogations to "independent outside contractors." Many of those contractors are reportedly former Israeli intelligence agents skilled in the art of torture.

The CIA claims it does not know and does not care what techniques are used by the outside contractors that conduct its interrogations. It claims that it "only cares about the intelligence obtained and whether or not it is reliable." It is doubtful whether that argument would hold up before the World Court in the Netherlands that tries cases of human abuse, officially called "crimes against humanity."

Even more disturbing are reports that at least two dozen prisoners have "disappeared while in CIA custody" at The Pit. Whether those persons died from natural or accidental causes, were murdered, or were turned over to other intelligence agencies for interrogation is not known by anyone outside the CIA.


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