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Corpus Christi, TX -
The so-called more respected press has totally ignored a lawsuit being tried in the sleepy Texas town of Corpus Christi. However, TheRealTruth has learned that this case involves dirty corporate dealings reminiscent of the tabacco trials ten years ago. The defendant in the allegations is none other than the Bayer Corporation, maker of the Bayer aspirin with which we are all familiar, and the product is Baycol, the most popular cholesterol reducing drug in the United States until it was withdrawn from pharmacies last year.

The Food and Drug Administration has linked complications related to the use of Baycol to over 50 deaths since 1999, 30 of them in the United States, and over 500 other non fatal cases worldwide. Reportedly Baycol can under some circumstances clog the kidneys with bits of disintegrated tissue. In extreme circumstances this can lead to kidney failure and death.

According to sources who need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, a series of e-mails will be produced this month in the Corpus Christi courtroom that prove that a vice president of Bayer knew about the Baycol related deaths at least a year before the FDA forced Bayer to withdraw the drug from pharmacies in the United States. During that time there were over 12 additional deaths linked to complications resulting from the use of Baycol.

Reportedly Bayer made over $1 billion per year from the sale of Baycol and to date has paid only $125 million to settle Baycol related suits.


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